Assembly Integration Test Hall
Assembly Integration Test Hall
18 08/17

We are pleased to introduce you with our Assembly Integration Test Hall located in Shanghai, it is in the first floor of CnTech Mansion. All the ordered flight simulators will be integrated here.

About us

iFSim is a domestic leader and also an international specialist in developing flight simulator. The iFSim R&D center and our software platform is built on CEASIOM which is the main achievement of SimSac project of the 6th EU framework program, which provides a good environment for our research on avionics simulation, aircraft control system, control loading, vision simulation, flight data and other software. Besides, our long-term partnership with Cntech makes iFSim AIT (assembly integration test) center located in China, which contributes to massive production capability,high quality on-site installation service and quick responds on every contact. Now, We have developed over 10 types of simulators according to different aircrafts such as A320, B737, Cessna172, Bell206, R22, IL76 and other customized products.

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