China's first top-level full flight simulator delivered
China's first top-level full flight simulator delivered
18 08/17

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TIANJIN — An aviation company in Tianjin Monday received China's first top-level full flight simulator.

The simulator was delivered by ACCEL (Tianjin) Flight Simulation, a joint Sino-US venture between Haite High-Tech and Rockwell Collins, established last year.

A flight simulator recreates aircraft flight and the flying environment for pilot training, aircraft design and other purposes. The simulator is level D, meaning it can act as a perfect substitute for real planes in training pilots.

Previously, all simulators at this level in China were imported at a cost of over $10 million per unit.

"The successful delivery of China's first level D simulator has filled the blank in the field domestically," said Li Biao, president of Haite.

The northern municipality of Tianjin has developed a national level aviation industry base due to the rapid development of China's aviation industry and domestic market demand for aviation training.

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