There is nothing too big or too small for us, from individual to giant Orgniazations, many clients we have served around the world and we are also willing to build customized products as requested.
All simulators' technologies can be customized: aircraft types, virtual map, special add-ons, LED touch control (like IPT), shells, visual system configuration and so on.
Customizatio service will be provided by our R&D department with extra fees. Your requirement will be analyzed by our engineers and confirmed to be practical first. After sending you the customization solution and bills, we will wait for your feedback and change our solution till you are satisfied with both solutions and price.
Simple adaptation can be made in short time from initial request to mass production

Contact us for details
1 - A simple request to our engineers to define the need and feasibility
2 - If needed, a prototype can be sent for testing purpose
3 - The production starts right after final validation
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