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iFSim.A320 Simulator
iFSim.A320 Simulator
iFSim.A320 Simulator
iFSim.A320 Simulator
iFSim.A320 Simulator
iFSim.A320 Simulator
iFSim.A320 Simulator
iFSim.A320 Simulator
The iFSim.FTD.A320 consists of visual display, flight cockpit and instruction station and it is built on the high fidelity and reliability, which has been through high frequency test. It is ideally suited to meet training requirements of beginners and surpass enthusiasts’ home-build requirements.

1:1 Flight Simulator
The flight simulator is a full scale representation of the A320 cockpit layout and covers the various primary sections including: sidesticks, rudder pedals, throttle, main instrument panel, FCU, pedestal, PFD/ND, E/WD, SD, MCDU and Overhead panel, with operational buttons、knobs and switches in the same positions as they are in actual aircraft.

Instructor Station

Instructor Station is an intuitive lesson plan builder and it contains 3D map of airplane flight path with special event setting function. It integrates information for easier access to advanced functions and utilizes touch screen for easy use.

Computer system:

Main Flight Simulator Computer

* Processor: Intel® Core i7-7700K

* RAM: 32 GB

* Solid State Drive

* Graphic cards: GIGABYTE 1060

* Extensions: 1 HDMI, 2 DVI


* Processor: Intel® Core i5-6600K 3.5 GHz (3.9) socket 1151

* integrated graphics.

* RAM: 16 GB

* Extensions: 8 USB


* Industrial Personal Computer

* J190

* RAM: 4 GB

* Solid State Drive: 64 GB

Monitor (24 inches)

2 x Bluetooth mouse and keyboard

Two Replica seats:

* 1:1 scale replica

* Tilt adjustable backrest.

* Adjustable lumbar area and seat height.

* J-Rails with adjustable displacement.

* Height adjustable backrest.

* Strong steel construction, powder coated.

* Headrest.

* Folding and height adjustable armrests.

* Life vest bag.

Visual System and Beamers:

Recommended: 180 degree POV

* Our multichannel Flight simulator panoramic view configuration are design to be controlled with 3 High Definition short throw beamers from the main Flight simulator computer. It is one large stretched forward view. The final projected image will result in a panoramic 180 degree view without a real right and real Left flight simulator views.

3 x Recommended Beamers

*1920 x 1200 resolution.

*5000 ANSI lumen.

Merge Software (dongle included)

3 x Projector hang stick

2 x Inside Screen (17.3 inches)

Inside Screen (21.5 inches)

Professional metal FTD shell with polyester interior panels:

*Cockpit frame, including Acrylic MIP Panel.

*Rudder pedal

*Cockpit base

*Overhead Panel

*FCU frame and cover




Overhead panel:


*Left Including ground proximity arming/ Oxygen system/Wiper

*Right Including flight control computer/ Cargo smoke detection

*Fire alarm





*PSU Kit

Overhead AFT:

*Left/Right reading









*Flood CS

*Flood FI

*WX Radar







*Data Loader

*Rudder Trim




*EFIS control CS

*EFIS control FP




*T on ND




*Wing CS

*Wing FO


*Distribution Box

*Computer cabinet (1200mm)

*2 x Sound

*3 x HDMI video cable (1.5m)

*VGA video cable (5m)

*2 x USB Hub

*18 x USB cable (7 x 1m,4 x 2m, 7 x 3m, 1 x 4m)

*5 x Internet cable (1 x 4m, 3 x 2m, 1 x 1m)


Cockpit Platform with cockpit shell.

* Length: 5.2m

* Width: 4.65m

* Height: 2m

Minimum recommended Space incl. visuals: 6m *4.8m*3m

Production time: 12 weeks