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iFSim.B737 Simulator
iFSim.B737 Simulator
iFSim.B737 Simulator
iFSim.B737 Simulator
The iFSim.FTD.B737 consists of visual display, flight cockpit and instruction station and it is built on the high fidelity and reliability, which has been through high frequency test. It is ideally suited to meet training requirements of beginners and surpass enthusiasts’ home-build requirements.

1:1 Flight Simulator
The flight simulator is a full scale representation of the B737 cockpit layout and covers the various primary sections including: yokes, rudder pedals, throttle, main instrument panel, FCU, pedestal, PFD/ND, E/WD, SD, MFC and Overhead panel, with operational buttons、knobs and switches in the same positions as they are in actual aircraft.

Instructor Station

Instructor Station is an intuitive lesson plan builder and it contains 3D map of airplane flight path with special event setting function. It integrates information for easier access to advanced functions and utilizes touch screen for easy use.

Professional metal Floor Platform:

* Industrial high quality wheels in robust modular structure.

* Produced in galvanized strong quality steel.

* High quality welds.

* Dual linked Yokes can be installed on our specially pre-cut floor.

Professional metal FTD shell with polyester interior panels:

* Special designed: 90% of the structure can be mounted by a single person.

* Full B737NG flight simulator made of steel, fiberglass interior panels and aluminum.

* Sturdy and professional powder coating metal construction.

* M4 bolts (included) can assemble the parts easily.

Professional B737NG MIP Panel:

* 2 x VGA LCD monitor Philips 18.5" (PFD+ND captain and officer).

* 1 x VGA TV/LCD monitor 16" (upper DU).

* 1 x VGA LCD monitor 10" (lower DU).

* 1 x Mount adapters for 16" monitor.

* 1 x Mount adapter for 10" monitor to fit it to the pedestal.

* 1 x Acrylic window for adapt 10" monitor for the lower DU

* Metal CDU Bay.

* Metal MIP lateral stands.

* Metal landing gear Lever.

* Full Metal MCP/EFIS bracket and glare shield frame.

* 1:1 scale MIP panel replica completely Backlit.

* Full Metal MIP panel and support frame.

* Windows frame for Captain, Central, FO and CDU Bay

* Cover for Landing gear window.

* Full adjustable VESA Displays support.

* All necessary electronic circuit boards and connections cables.

* All necessary LEDs, annunciators, switches, caps and knobs.

* Plastic glare wings and covers.

* MCP panel version 3

* 100 % operational Flaps, Brake pressure and yaw damper instruments gauges.

* Fully operative AFDS panels, N1 SET and Speed REF knobs.

* Integrated Backlight panels

* Steering Tiller.

* Dual Digital Chronometers.

* Caution and Fire Warning switches and six pack modules.

* 2 x EFIS modules.

* Color display CDU’s

* USB Dim control card.

Professional B737NG Pedestal:

* 1:1 scale FWD Overhead panel replica with complete Backlighted.

* Robust aluminum Pedestal Bay with all the external details.

* 2 x Radios COM.

* 2 x Radios NAV.

* 2 x Radios ADF.

* 2 x Panels AUDIO.

* Stab Trim and cabin Door panels.

* Lighting control panel.

* Closing panels. Transponder panels.

* Fire panel.

* Cargo fire panels.

* Radar panels.

* Rudder Trim panel.

Dual linked Rudder Pedals:

* Full Metal 1:1 scale B737NG Rudder pedals replica.

* Linkable with other pedal unit.

* Assembled and fully tested at our facility.

* Any other software is not needed to connect, calibrate and use.

* Extra protective Paint layer.

* Rudder and differential brakes functional 12 bits axes electronic card.

Motorized Throttle quadrant:

* 1:1 scale replica of the B737NG Throttle quadrant complete Backlighted.

* Contains 98% Aluminum and Steel.

* Motorized Thrust Levers with electrical and mechanical slip clutch.

* Motorized SPD BRK.

* Motorized Flight Detent.

* Motorized SPD Brake Down lock.

* Motorized Trim Indicators.

* Motorized Trim Wheels.

* Motorized Trim Indicators.

* Motorized Parking Brake unlocks system.

* Mechanical Trim Sound.

* Parking Brake Indicator Light.

* Motorized Parking Brake Lever.

* Cut Off Levers.

* A/T switches.

* TO/GA switches.

* Main/Elec. switch.

*“toe brakes unlock system”of Parking Brake lever

* A/P switch.

* Horn Cut-off Switch.

* Flap Lever with Flap lever protection gates at positions 1 and 15.

* The Reverser levers locked until Throttle levers are at idle, also the Thrust levers remains locked until the Reverser levers are completely down.

* Safeguard for switch (Stab Trim)

* Stabilizer Trim

* Variable Stab Trim wheel speed.

* Stab Trim wheels can also be manually operated.

* For the drive of the trim wheel are used 3 Motor for maximum efficiency.

* Stab Trim cutout switches (MAIN/ELEC and AUTOPILOT)

* Retractable Trim wheels handles.

* Mechanically linked Stab Trim indicators to the wheels.

* Speed brakes:

* Motorized Speed Brake lever.

* Electronic and mechanical detent Flight Detent positions.

* Miscellaneous:

* Onboard Internal power supply.

* Left and Right side Map/Charts Holders.

* Ethernet connection.

* Programmable Horn Cutout button.

Two B737NG Replica seats:

* 1:1 scale replica

* Tilt adjustable backrest.

* Adjustable lumbar area and seat height.

* J-Rails with adjustable displacement.

* Height adjustable backrest.

* Strong steel construction, powder coated.

* Headrest.

* Folding and height adjustable armrests.

* Life vest bag.

Full Operative Forward Overhead panel:

* 1:1 scale replica of the B737 FWD Overhead panel complete Backlighted.

* Motorized Engines start switches.

* Cabin pressure display (orange digits)

* Heavy duty metal frame.

* Full operational indicator and instruments gauges.

* Backlighted panels and instruments gauges.

* AC/DC panel displays (green digits)

* Three automatic dim-light levels on blue indicators.

* Aluminum caps switches.

* Weight: 30 kilograms.

Dual linked yokes:

* Full metal 1:1 scale B737NG Yoke replica.

* Sturdy steel construction, powder coated.

* Full operative dual Trim, AP disconnect switches and MIC.

* High quality replica full metal Chart Clipboard.

Full Operative AFT Overhead panel:

*1:1 scale replica of the B737 AFT overhead panel complete Backlighted.

* 100% functional LE Devices and IRS panel.

* Heavy duty metal frame.

* Aluminum caps switches.

* Full operational indicator and instruments gauges.

* Backlighted panels and instruments gauges.

* IDC Audio Panel.

* Durable knobs.

* Module size: 66x34x11 Cm. 15Cm depth aprox, with IOCards & components.

* Screw DZUS in all panels.

Visual System and Beamers:

Recommended: 180 degree POV

* Our multichannel Flight simulator panoramic view configuration are design to be controlled with 3 High Definition short throw beamers from the main Flight simulator computer. It is one large stretched forward view. The final projected image will result in a panoramic 180 degree view without a real right and real Left flight simulator views.

Recommended Beamers: 3

*1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution.

*6000 ANSI lumen.

*10.000:1 contrast ratio.


Cockpit Platform with cockpit shell.

* Length: 5.2m

* Width: 4.65m

* Height: 2m

Minimum recommended Space incl. visuals: 6m *4.8m*3m