Installation Services
Our Installation Services Team provides complete simulator turn-key installations in secure locations around the world.

Our Installation Services Team is experienced in flight simulator technology, infrastructure and installation services, including:
• Cockpit shell and base installation
• Visual system installation
• Main instrument panel
• System test
We provide Site Surveys and Reports, Installation Readiness Reviews, On Site Installation and Coordination, System Verification and Testing, and As-Built Documentation.

We provide installation services globally.

Site Surveys
An accurate site survey is critical to engineering and installation planning.
• Online coordinate directly with site personnel.
• Check pictures prior to the on-site survey.
• Modify project solution.
• Confirm with site personnel

On Site Installation and Coordination
Installation requires more than just rack mounting equipment. Our professional installation team leads are prepared to work with your on-site requirements.
• Identify and brief site security, access and safety requirements.
• Ensure all on-site personnel are trained and certified to operate required equipment.
• Utilize site specific incident reporting procedures.
• Provide a single point of contact for all clients’ issues and concerns.

As-Built Documentation
The installation is not complete until the work has been documented. Our Team understands that accurate and timely as-built documentation adds quality to a complete installation.

• Installation is completed with documentation requirements in mind.
• Inventory Lists.
• Verification and Testing results.
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